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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Nursery and Reception

Nursery children start school in the September of the Year when they are 4. Nursery children are entitled to 15 hours of free Nursery care we also offer 30hours care.  As a small school we are able to be flexible on the times when these hours are taken.  For example, parents may prefer every morning or afternoon or full days.  We are able to accommodate most requests.  Additional nursery care can be purchased, currently the cost is £8 per session. 

Nursery and Reception children are taught together in a purpose built classroom which has it’s own outside area.  Currently there are a total of 11 pupils who are taught by a teacher and an Early Years practitioner. This adult to child ratio means that all children receive the support they need. 


Starting School

Starting school is probably one of the biggest steps in a child’s life.  We hope that at our school it is a happy experience.  Parents/carers are encouraged to visit the school as early as they wish in the years before their child comes to school.  Contact between home and school is very beneficial and helps the child settle into school easily. 

We always invite children to spend some time with us in school in the term before they are due to start, so that they can get to know the staff and begin to form friendships. 

Parents can help their children to be ready for school by: encouraging them to talk and question, providing them with the opportunity and equipment to draw, paint and write, encouraging them to enjoy and appreciate books and reading to them.

It is very helpful if children can change their clothes and shoes, go to the toilet alone, use a knife and fork, and know their full name, address and telephone number.

Above all please talk to your child in a happy, positive way so that the event of starting schools is a welcome and exciting experience.


Home and School

We believe that a harmonious relationship between the home and school provides the basis for the successful education of every child.  Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns with the class teacher or Head at mutually convenient times.

We are fortunate to have parents who help with a variety of activities in school,   parental support is greatly appreciated and offers of help are always welcome.

Parent-teacher consultations are held in the Autumn and Spring terms when parents can discuss their child’s work and progress with the teacher.  There is also an open evening in the Summer Term when children bring their parents and friends and the local community are invited to look around the school.  A written report is sent to parents at the end of the academic year.  The school also has a home/school agreement which you will receive when your child starts school full-time in Reception.  A new agreement is sent out annually and children are expected to sign as well as we believe they have reached an age where they can take more responsibility for themselves.

Parents and local people are invited to school throughout the year for various events, such as Harvest and the Christmas production.

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